Earthquakes archive recorded in Italy and neighboring regions in 2022

by INGV - Italian National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology

Table of earthquakes recorded in Italy and neighboring regions in the year 2022

The following table lists the seismic events recorded in the year 2022 in Italy and the strongest ones recorded in neighboring countries. By clicking on the header of each column you can sort the events as you like (for example, in chronological order, by magnitude or by depth).
NB: for the year 2022 the list is partial, as there are only earthquakes from July onwards.

In this database, relating to the earthquakes recorded in 2022, there are 2166 seismic events,
- 1754 (81.0%) of which with magnitude <2,
- 354 (16.3%) with magnitude between tra 2 and 3,
- 45 (2.1%) with magnitude between tra 3 and 4,
- 12 (0.6%) with magnitude between tra 4 and 5,
- 1 (0.0%) with magnitude ≥ 5.

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