Real-time monitoring of earthquakes in France. Epicenter map and table.

(by EMSC, European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre )

Selection of earthquakes by continents and countries

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Earthquake in France - Epicenters symbols

The map shows the epicenters of earthquakes recorded in France. The color of the icons indicates the magnitude.  White: M<2 .  Green: 2≤M<3 .  Yellow: 3≤M<4 .  Orange: 4≤M<5 .  Red: 5≤M<6 .  Purple: 6≤M<7 . Black: M≥7 .
Click on the icon to view the details of the seismic event.
Below the earthquake epicenter map there is a table with details of all earthquakes.
The time of the earthquake is in UTC time. In Central European countries, when solar time (winter) is in effect, the CET time is used which is equal to UTC +1 hour, while when daylight saving time is in effect, CEST time is used which is equal to UTC +2 hours.
Right now it is 14:09 UTC.

 Select the minimum magnitude              M≥1    M≥2    M≥3    M≥4    M≥5    M≥6    M≥7   

 Select time range    Earthquakes last 2 days    Earthquakes last 3 days    Earthquakes last 4 days    Earthquakes last week    Earthquakes last month   

Did you feel an earthquake in France?

It usually takes at least 15 minutes to get information on epicenter position and magnitude of an earthquake. Reload the page for the latest update by clicking here. If you do not find an earthquake in Italy, also try to consult the database of the Italian National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology by clicking here.

2 earthquakes in France with M≥2 between Saturday 06 August and Monday 08 August.
There are 2 earthquakes in the database, 0 of which with 1≤M<2 (0.0%), 1 with 2≤M<3 (50.0%), 1 with 3≤M<4 (50.0%), 0 with 4≤M<5 (0.0%), 0 with 5≤M<6 (0.0%), 0 with 6≤M<7 (0.0%), 0 with M≥7 (0.0%).

Earthquakes - Seismic events in chronological order
UTC Date and Time Magnitude Depth Lat. and Lon Geographic Info
08-08-2022 09:39 2.2 5 km 44.26; 7.52 Northern Italy
Seismic event details: click here
07-08-2022 20:32 3.1 2 km 42.50; 1.44 Pyrenees
Seismic event details: click here

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