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Comparison of weather forecasts for Casal Velino by,, issued today Monday 4 December 2023

Weather forecast in Casal Velino today by, 3BMeteo and up to 7 days. Compare the weather forecast for your city.

Choose the region, the province and click on the name of the desired city to get the weather forecast until Sunday 10 December. The city now selected isCasal Velino. Find out the weather in Casal Velino during the weekend. Will there be clear skies or rain?
On graph, the temperature at 2 m above the ground (2mT) and rain will be displayed by default. Other weather data available are: temperature at 925 hPa, 850 hPa and 500 hPa (see notes).

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previsioni meteo Casal Velino. Il tempo previsto a Casal Velino
Previsioni meteo per la città di Casal Velino fino a 7 giorni. I valori di temperatura (espressi in °C) sono da leggersi sull'asse delle ordinate di sinistra, mentre quelli delle precipitazioni (in mm) sull'asse di destra. A 850 hPa è possibile visualizzare anche la media climatologica della temperatura (media t850hpa) calcolata per gli anni 1979-2008 (fonte: NOAA) per la città selezionata.

Temperature minime, temperature massime e pioggia fino a 7 giorni a Casal Velino by

Dom 03/12Lun 04/12Mar 05/12Mer 06/12Gio 07/12Ven 08/12Sab 09/12
T MAX10°13°12°14°13°12°11°
PIOGGIA0.0 mm0.0 mm27.1 mm5.5 mm0.0 mm0.0 mm2.5 mm

Casal Velino weather forecast by

Casal Velino weather forecast by

Campania weather forecast by

The following map shows the weather forecast issued by for the Campania region.

Campania weather forecast by

The following map shows the weather forecast issued by for the Campania region.

Notes on the forecast model used by

Note 1: the forecast, based on the American GFS model, is obtained from an interpolation of low spatial resolution data (0.25° latitude and longitude). For this reason, the weather forecast produced is just an estimate. Particular attention is paid to the temperature at 2 meters above the ground and to rainfall, as these quantities are influenced by possible local effects (think, for example, on heat of the cities). As the altitude increases, the local effects are attenuated, so the reliability of the temperatures at 925, 850 and 500 hPa are increasing.
Note 2: 925, 850 and 500 hPa correspond to altitudes which vary from place to place and with the season. As a rough estimate, they correspond, respectively, to about 800, 1400 and 5500 m asl, but for greater precision consult the updated geopotential maps.

Casal Velino sunrise and sunset times

For Casal Velino sunrise and sunset times, click on the link. Find out sunrise and sunset times and day length in Casal Velino for all the 2023 year.

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