GFS maps: Tuscany, Cloud cover [%]

GFS maps for Tuscany : Cloud cover

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MapCode: 21

Geop.+Temp. 500 hPa2 m Temperature500 hPa Temp. AnomaliesRain & Snow + 0 C Level10 m WindCloud Cover
Geop. + Temp. 500 hPa (GIF)Minimum Temperature2 m Temp. Anomalies1 Day Total Precipitation500 hPa WindCAPE & Lifted Index
Geop.+Temp. 850 hPaMaximum TemperatureDaily 2 m Average Temp.Precipitable Water200 hPa Jet StreamCIN
Geop. + Temp. 850 hPa (GIF)2 m Temp. trendDaily 2 m Temp. AnomaliesRH + Vertical Vel. 850 hPa300 hPa Jet Stream500 hPa Forecast Stability
Geop.+Temp. 925 hPa850 hPa Temp. trendDaily 850 hPa Average Temp.RH + Vel. Verticale 700 hPa   850 hPa Forecast Stability
500 hPa Geop. + Temp. trend850 hPa Temp. AnomaliesDaily 850 hPa Temp. AnomaliesRH + Vel. Verticale 500 hPa   Last 4 GFS run comparison

GFS Tuscany: Cloud cover [%]

These maps show the total cloud cover (in %) with a gray scale. White corresponds to a clear sky, while black to a total coverage.

On the top left is shown the UTC initialization time. UTC time is indicated with Z letter (Zulu Time). On the top right is shown the UTC forecast time.
The maps at 00Z, 06Z, 12Z and 18Z are updated respectively starting from 04.30 AM, 10:30 AM, 4:30 PM, 10.30 PM (CEST TIime).
Forecast model: Global Forecast System (GFS) with 0.25°x0.25° (lat x lon) spatial resolution.

NOTE: in central European countries, when solar time is in effect, the CET time is used, which is equal to UTC +1 hour, while when daylight saving time is in effect, the CEST time is used, which is equal to UTC +2 hours. Right now it is 7:57 UTC.


weather map GFS Cloud cover [%]

Notes on GFS forecast maps

The Global Forecast System (GFS) is a National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) weather forecast model that generates data for dozens of atmospheric and land-soil variables, including temperatures, winds, precipitation, soil moisture, and atmospheric ozone concentration. The system couples four separate models (atmosphere, ocean model, land/soil model, and sea ice) that work together to accurately depict weather conditions.
GFS is a global model with a base horizontal resolution of 0.25° (28 kilometers) between grid points. The GFS is run 4 times a day, the temporal resolution covers analysis and forecasts out to 16 days.

See the GFS analysis maps archive from 2013 to today

To see the GFS ANALYSIS MAP ARCHIVE from 2013 to today click on the red link.