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 Real-time monitoring of earthquakes by region of Italy - Latest tremors felt 
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Emilia-Romagna Liguria Toscana Umbria Marche Lazio
Abruzzo Molise Campania Puglia Basilicata Calabria
Sicilia Sardegna Italy

To access the section of the latest earthquakes felt today, even those felt a few minutes ago, click here.

To access the section with the history of the strongest earthquakes recorded from the year 1000 to 2020 click here.

Symbols used for earthquakes epicenters observed by the INGV (Italian National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology) in Italy

The map shows the epicenters of the earthquakes recorded in Italy.The color of the icons indicates the magnitude.  White: M<2 .  Green: 2≤M<3 .  Yellow: 3≤M<4 .  Orange: 4≤M<5 .  Red: 5≤M<6 .  Purple: 6≤M<7 . Black: M≥7 .
Click on the icon to view the details of the seismic event.
Below the earthquake epicenter map there is a table with details of all earthquakes.

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Did you feel an earthquake in Italy?

It usually takes at least 15 minutes to get information on epicenter position and magnitude of an earthquake. RELOAD to get the last update on the earthquake felt a few minutes ago by CLICKING HERE.

Earthquakes in Italy - Seismic events in chronological order
Date and Time Magnitude Depth Lat. and Lon Geographic Info
08-08-2022 13:20 1.0 14.7 km 43.0378 13.0352 2 km SW Pieve Torina (MC)
08-08-2022 12:52 1.7 5.8 km 37.7650 15.1340 2 km NW Sant'Alfio (CT)
08-08-2022 10:48 1.1 10.3 km 42.7683 13.1813 8 km E Norcia (PG)
08-08-2022 09:48 1.0 13.0 km 42.8147 12.8547 5 km N Vallo di Nera (PG)
08-08-2022 07:57 1.3 8.3 km 43.9618 10.5112 3 km SW Borgo a Mozzano (LU)
08-08-2022 00:46 1.5 12.6 km 45.9733 10.9098 1 km N Dro (TN)
08-08-2022 00:16 1.0 10.1 km 42.9758 13.1268 4 km N Ussita (MC)
08-08-2022 00:02 1.2 10.0 km 42.7647 13.2217 6 km W Arquata del Tronto (AP)
08-08-2022 00:00 1.5 37.7 km 43.3152 13.5022 4 km E Macerata (MC)
07-08-2022 23:45 1.3 8.8 km 42.7407 12.5052 4 km SW Massa Martana (PG)
07-08-2022 22:33 1.1 11.8 km 43.7447 12.9383 1 km NW Montemaggiore al Metauro (PU)
07-08-2022 21:30 1.0 10.5 km 43.3277 12.2080 10 km W Umbertide (PG)
07-08-2022 20:49 1.6 9.3 km 42.7423 12.5198 4 km S Massa Martana (PG)
07-08-2022 19:49 2.0 24.5 km 41.8218 15.8353 3 km SW Carpino (FG)
07-08-2022 18:45 1.1 8.0 km 43.6550 11.2648 4 km S Impruneta (FI)

What were the strongest earthquakes ever in Italy?

Find out on this page or by clicking on the links in the following table, when and where the strongest earthquakes in Italy were observed, from the year 1000 to modern times (year 2020).

 Earthquake time series from the year 1000 to 2020, divided by areas 
Valle d'Aosta
earthquakes time series valle d'aosta
earthquakes time series piemonte
earthquakes time series lombardia
earthquakes time series trentino alto-adige
earthquakes time series veneto
earthquakes time series friuli-venezia-giulia
earthquakes time series emilia-romagna
earthquakes time series liguria
earthquakes time series toscana
earthquakes time series umbria
serie storica terremoti nelle marche
earthquakes time series lazio
earthquakes time series abruzzo
earthquakes time series molise
earthquakes time series campania
earthquakes time series puglia
earthquakes time series basilicata
earthquakes time series calabria
earthquakes time series sicilia
earthquakes time series sardegna
Nazioni confinanti
serie storica terremoti nazioni confinanti italia
Italia+Nazioni Confinanti
serie storica terremoti nazioni confinanti e italia
serie storica terremoti nazioni confinanti e italia
Italia (M≥4)
serie storica terremoti italia con magnitudo maggiore di 4
Italia (M≥5)
serie storica terremoti italia con magnitudo maggiore di 5
Italia (M≥6)
serie storica terremoti italia con magnitudo maggiore di 6
Italia (M≥7)
serie storica terremoti italia con magnitudo maggiore di 7
Top 10 Italia
serie storica i 10 più forti terremoti italia

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