weather and much more ..., since 2005 live weather data and updated weather forecasts. On you will also find satellite images, webcams, earthquake monitoring in Italy and in the world, solar almanacs, maps of observed or future solar eclipses, and much more.

City weather forecast

The graphs compare the weather forecast for Bologna by, and To enlarge, choose other cities and other weather parameters, click here or on the title.

Solar almanac of the main cities of Italy

In Florence it is 3:25 pm on 08/08/2022. The Sun rose 9 hours and 15 minutes ago at 6:09 am and will set in 5 hours and 6 minutes at 8:31 pm. Today the length of the day is 14 hours and 21 minutes.
For more information, see the full 2022 solar almanac by clicking here. You will find the solar almanac of the main cities of Italy, with times of sunrise and sunset for the whole year, length of the day and more.
solar almanac sunrise and sunset times

Earthquake monitoring

Visit the earthquake monitoring section always updated in real time. See also the historical archive with the earthquakes recorded from the year 1000 to the present in Italy and every single region of Italy.

Lightning map

To see the page dedicated to lightning strikes in Europe click on the image below (by

map of the lightining strikes in europe

Satellite imagery

All the satellite images by clicking on the image below (by

weather satellite images

Weather forecast maps

Click on the image to see GFS weather forecast maps.

GFS weather forecast maps

Weather forecast up to 15 days

To see the weather forecast up to 15 days click on the graph. In the example below, the trend for areas close to Florence.

Weather forecast up to 15 days

Tuscany rivers monitoring

For real-time updates on the flow and hydrometric level of the Arno river and other rivers in Tuscany click on the graph below (by To monitor the hydrometric level of the Bilancino reservoir click here.

hydrometric level and flow monitoring of the Arno river and other Tuscan rivers in real time

Tuscany weather maps

Among the various weather forecast maps based on the GFS global model, even those with zoom on Tuscany. In the following map, the expected total precipitation.

weather forecast maps Tuscany model gfs

Italy weather maps

GFS weather forecast maps with zoom on Italy. In the following map, air temperature anomalies at 850 hPa

weather forecast maps Italy model gfs

Continent weather maps

GFS maps for each continent. In the following example, temperature and geopotential at 500 hPa and sea level pressure for North America.

weather forecast maps Italy model gfs

Solar eclipses around the world

Click on the map to find out where the future solar eclipses in the world are foreseen up to the year 2100. In the dedicated page also all the solar eclipses of the twentieth century.

solar eclipse in the world, eclipse map, eclipse calendar

Weather station by

To see all the weather data and all the information of the weather station, located a few km from Florence, click on the image below.

Molino del Piano weather station, Pontassieve weather station, Florence weather station, real time data

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